Football News📽️ | McKennie picks himself & Pulisic in dream USMNT 5-a-side
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Weston McKennie, a standout player in the USMNT, has unveiled his dream 5-a-side team featuring himself and Christian Pulisic alongside other top American soccer players. This squad combines current stars with past legends, showcasing the depth of talent within the United States national team.

The USMNT is currently working with what many are calling a “golden generation” of players, including talents from top clubs such as Juventus and AC Milan. With major tournaments set to take place on home soil in 2024 and 2026, the team is gearing up for success on the international stage.

Fans of American soccer are eagerly anticipating the upcoming competitions, as the USMNT continues to build a formidable lineup of players who are ready to take on the world’s best teams. Stay tuned for more football news and updates on the USMNT’s journey towards glory.