Football News113 million for Bellingham
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The situation 

Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea, does not want it to slip away and is willing to raise the bid to 113 million. Real Madrid have him in their sights. The fight for Bellingham has begun. Borussia’s English midfielder is one of the most valued pieces for the next summer market. It is, in fact, the great objective of Real Madrid, but in the Premier the suitors are already crowding. Liverpool moved first and Manchester United followed, but in recent hours the English press reports that Boehly, the new owner of Chelsea, has set his sights on him, for quality and youth, and does not want him to escape . Thus, The Sun explains that Boehly is willing to spend and prepare 100 million pounds in the middle of Borussia, about 113 million euros. He is one of the pieces on which he wants to rebuild the next Chelsea and he is not going to notice it.  Boehly wants to implement his own ideas. That has cost Tuchel his job, among other things. To begin with, he considers a policy of contracts and salaries as in American franchises. Increasing salaries and many years of contract for young people like Bellingham for example. 

The details

The English international midfielder was recruited by Borussia, always attentive to young talent, and it is assumed that it will be his next big sale after Sancho left last summer and in this Haaland was the sacrificed piece. Marco Reus, captain of Borussia, has been criticizing this policy a bit in public. The German attacker regrets that his club sells a great player every summer, but it will be very difficult for Borussia to withstand the pressure in the summer window. Real Madrid is also very well positioned. It is his great goal for 2023 and one of the reasons why a replacement for Casemiro was not immediately hired. However, the battle for the midfielder has just begun and it won’t come cheap.