Football News1×1 of Barcelona in the puncture with the smell of elimination
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The details

Ter Stegen : Despite the three goals conceded, he saved Barça from an even bigger result. Spectacular in some of his interventions, he endured a clean sheet alone for many minutes. In all the goals he was totally sold. He also had the fortune of the crossbar in a shot by Dzeko.

Sergi Roberto : Good game from the youth squad, who was practically embedded as inside right for Pedri to play closer to the area. An assist from him served for Dembélé to open the scoring.

The situation

Eric Garc ía: Spectacular match for the Catalan central defender. Only a small blur in the whole game by letting Lautaro control too easily inside the area and giving him space to finish off on goal. In any case, that small mistake does not take away from the spectacular display that he displayed throughout the game, thanks to his anticipation and ability to correct. Too bad he had a bad traveling companion on this occasion.

Pique : Bad. One of his worst games as a Blaugrana. Slow, thick with ideas, surpassed at all times, without criteria in raising the ball and sparing in resources. It is evident that we are facing the decline of one of the best central defenders in history. Right now he is a shadow of what he was. At the Camp Nou he signed his epilogue. The end of his career is approaching. Two of Inter’s three goals are his fault.

Marcos Alonso : From less to more. He started with many doubts, without providing solutions on the flank and very hesitant, without finding Gavi or Dembélé, but little by little he grew and thanks to his physical ability he managed to overcome all obstacles and be a threat from the lane left.

Sergio Busquets : A discreet game from the captain who is asked for something more in games of this magnitude. He did not make big mistakes, but he does not provide solutions in the associative game. It is clear that gasoline is beginning to be in reserve.