Cricket2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Is Set To Be Grandest With 20 Teams
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The 2024 USA and West Indies men’s T20 World Cup, to be held in the USA, begins in June, and the first batch of qualifiers comes from Europe. Once those events conclude, focus will then shift towards other regions in the ICC until later stages in 2022, where Vanuatu and Japan will be gearing up for their sub-regional qualifiers for the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

The Women’s World Cup 2025 will be played between eight teams, with the five teams finishing in the highest position in the ICC Womens Champions Trophy cycle of 2022-2025 qualifying automatically, along with a host yet to be determined. The 12 automatic qualifiers will consist of the top eight teams from the 2022 tournament, two hosts, and the next two ranked. If the host of the event is in that group of top six teams, then the next two highest-ranked teams in the standings automatically qualify.

The remaining two slots, through the automatic qualifying route, will be filled by the next-highest-ranked team in the ICC T20 rankings, as of 14 November this year. The remaining slots will be filled through ICC Regional Qualifiers, which consist of the top-two teams in Africa, Asia, and Europe, plus a team from each the Americas and East Asia-Pacific groups. The remaining eight places will be decided through the Regional Qualifier tournaments: Two teams each from Africa, Asia and Europe qualify to participate, with one team each from the Americas and the EAP regions qualifying for the World Cup.

For the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, which will feature 20 teams for the first time, the qualifying process is such that the top-eight teams of the 2022 edition (to be hosted by Australia in October-November of that year) plus the two hosts – the West Indies and USA – would earn automatic qualification into the championship stage. The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 will be jointly hosted by West Indies and United States of America (USA), with the International Cricket Council (ICC) opting to give direct qualifying rights for the tournament to both West Indies and the hosts the United States of America (USA).

Quoted by Iain Higgins, the outgoing CEO of USA Crickets Board, For USA Cricket and Cricket West Indies to have been awarded co-hosting rights to the mens T20 World Cup 2024 from the world’s governing body is a massive statement of intent from the sports about crickets potential for cricket in the American region. Quote from Ricky Skerritt, president, CWI, The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, which is being played in 2024 between the West Indies and USA, would be the most meaningful sporting occasion played by West Indies in a generation, and the most influential cricketing event to ever take place in the United States, would be the most significant sporting event played by West Indies and USA, would be the most influential Cricket Event ever played in the USA. The top 8 teams at the 2022 Mens T20 World Cup, held in Australia, along with the United States and the West Indies, would be automatic qualifiers to play at the 2024 edition of this marquee tournament.

The automatic qualification may well mark the first mens T20 World Cup spot for the United States in history, barring the US Cricket clinching one of two remaining T20 World Cup slots in 2022 through the global qualifiers that are set to take place this July in Zimbabwe. Perhaps the most fascinating details, from the perspective of USA Cricket, are confirmation of automatic USA Men’s Qualification to co-host of 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, as well as an announcement for a sixteen-team ICC Womens U19 T20 World Cup scheduled for January, 2023. The ICC has not yet confirmed a site for the next Women’s World Cup, but that it will take place in 2025, part of the next cycle of world championships from 2024-2031.