English Premier LeagueAlisson Becker regarded as one of the world’s best
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To John Achterberg, Liverpool’s first-choice goalkeeper, Alisson Becker’s quick decision making is what makes him outstanding as one of the best in business.


Goalkeeper Alisson is often the unsung hero who is accorded far less credit than he gets for Liverpool’s performances.

Apart from the usual Mane, Salah and Van Dijk, the Brazilian has played a massive role as the Reds look forward to an end of the 30-year Premier League title drought this season.

Ever since signing for Liverpool, Alisson has registered an incredible 39 clean sheets. The achievement saw him win the Yashin Trophy last year. More so, the goalkeeper has let in just 11 goals from 20 games and conceded 47 goals in his 79 appearances for the Reds.

Expounding on his qualities, Liverpool goalkeeping coach, John Achterberg says the 27-year-old is endowed with the ability to make difficult things look easy.

Achterberg has offered an insight into the potent mix of personality and quality that makes Alisson Becker one of the best in goalkeeping.

“One of his big strengths is to stay calm in the high-pressure moments and making what look like natural, easy decisions, but they are not easy because you always need perfect solutions and decisions. It’s a quality he has.” Said Achterberg.

“Some reactions of goalkeeping are instinctive. It can be a split-second decision. But the main thing is your mind always has to be in an attacking mode. Never take it off deciding whether you can reach the ball before anyone else.”

“It’s a 50/50 or a 60/40. Am I fast enough to get there to win it? That’s the mindset but also a quality he has too. Alisson has the speed and reacts for it.”

“He is a goalie with no fear. If he does something, he sticks to his decision. In his mind, he knows what to do and he doesn’t hesitate. That is natural goalkeeping, having no fear, reading the game and deciding.”