Italian Serie A NewsSerie A: Italian Football Federation to seek government support
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Serie A and other tier leagues in the country have been affected by the coronavirus. For this reason, the FIGC plans to seek help from the government.


The Serie A is under the financial implication caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Football has been stopped all over Europe and the situation has come along with crisis.

With no match-day revenue, many clubs have asked their players to take pay-cuts to help solve the problem.

Lots of players have gracefully taken the issue positively and agreed to the pay cut. However, a few are reluctant to do so.

Initially, Serie A clubs are as well proposing a 30-50% decrease in salaries. Notwithstanding the condition, it appears the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) might turn to the government for help.

FIGC will meet with the government to hold discussions on measures to save football from a finical crisis.

The proposal will include a request for economic benefits for players who have an income of not more than €50,000 a year, mostly from the Serie B and Serie C.

The Serie A is currently suspended. With the growing uncertainty each day, there have been calls for the current season to be voided.