English Premier LeagueHarry Kane: Premier League season should be scrapped
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The Tottenham striker and England captain, Harry Kane says, the Premier League season should be scrapped if, by the end of June, the season will have not been completed.


Kane echoes Aleksander Ceferin’s thoughts on the season will probably be lost if it cannot restart by the end of June.

“I know the Premier League will do everything it can to end the season,” said Kane.

“There needs to be a point where enough is enough. Probably the limit for me is the end of June. Playing into July or August and pushing next season back, I don’t see too much benefit in that.”

“Obviously, I don’t know too much about behind the scenes and financially. If the season’s not completed by the end of June, we need to look at the options and look forward to the next season.”

Contrarily, most of the Premier League clubs have nine games remaining in the 2019/20 campaign. Liverpool is 25 points clear of second-placed Manchester City. Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich City occupy the relegation places.

“I won’t stay at Tottenham for the sake of it”

Kane is under contract at Tottenham until 2024. However, he said he would leave the club if the team does not progress. He wants to win trophies “sooner rather than later.”

“I’m an ambitious player. I want to improve and become better. I want to become a top, top player.”

“It’s not definite that I’m going to stay there forever. But it’s not a no either. I always love Spurs. But it’s one of those things. I’ve always said if I don’t feel like we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, I’m not someone to stay there just for the sake of it.”

Spurs have been knocked out of all cup competitions this season. The club was eight in the Premier League title race before football was suspended.

The club’s last trophy was the League Cup in 2008.