Italian Serie A News“Antonio Conte is over rated, shouts a lot and has too much drama”
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The Italian pundit, Aldo Agroppi described Antonio Conte as being over-rated, never succeeded in Europe and brings too much touchline drama.


The Inter Milan boss, Antonio Conte is fondly referred to as a tactician who is never afraid to bark out touchline instructions when necessary. A few might also describe the coach as a specialist in winning domestic leagues.

The Italian manager is often hailed for his vocal nature and his boldness in hitting back at criticism lashed out at him.

Conte has however seen domestic success during his time as the Juventus head coach while also winning the Premier League in his time in England with Chelsea.

Once again, Antonio Conte has been hailed in the 2019/20 campaign for building an Inter squad capable of fighting the Italian giants, Juventus for the Serie A title.

In all these, an ex-Serie A player, Aldo Agroppi, who is now a pundit is of a contrary opinion. As for him, he claims Conte is largely over-rated and unnecessarily praised for his “displays” on the touchline.”

During his playing days, Agroppi played for Genoa, Perugia, Fiorentina and Torino. Just like Conte, he is never afraid to give criticism.

“I don’t like Conte for his exhibitionism. Too much shouting and drama on the touchline. You don’t win by putting on a circus act and howling.” Said Agroppi.

“He always had great teams but also suffered heavy defeats. When I hear talks that he brought a strong mentality to the Italy squad, I find it laughable. Conte is just playing a part, it suits him when he wins, but when he loses, he becomes insufferable for players and directors. Don’t forget, that Italy didn’t even get into the top four at the Euros.”

“Conte is over-rated. As once again this season, he crashed out the Champions League in the first round with Inter and is falling behind in Serie A. He was sacked by Arezzo in Atalanta.”

“He won the Scudetto with Juventus as did many others. But, never made an impact in the Champions League. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t act do over the top about it, with his commands and screaming. That’s only acceptable as long as you’re winning. Otherwise, you become irritating.”

After these words from Agroppi, it’s only a matter of time before Conte hits back at the pundit with words of his own. Let’s wait and see!