Italian Serie A NewsWhat next for Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus?
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Juventus is in the leading front in the Serie A title race with eyes set to win the Scudetto. But, most likely, the Old Lady should overcome the challenge posed by Lazio.


Inter Milan was leading in the Serie A before Cristiano Ronaldo woke from his “slumber.” The Portuguese began scoring freely alongside Paulo Dybala and Juventus picked up the steam to the top position.

As it stands, Inter Milan are nowhere in the fight for the Scudetto. Ronaldo’s competition for the Serie A golden boot now lies with Lazio’s Ciro Immobile. The latter has the lead but the Portuguese is not one to give up a chase.

The coronavirus break has worked more in Lazio’s favor than for the Turin giants. The Romans would have seen their season derailed as the final months approached. Although the break has served to replenish them, most likely, Juventus will scoop another title this season.

Focus on Champions League

The Serie A title is a herald of things yet to come. For the last eight years, Juventus has been in the better side of Italy. The club has not encountered competition for a long period but this time around, Lazio is the closest anyone has come to wreck their domestic hopes.

Is this what Ronaldo came to deliver in Italy? One Serie A title after another? Roughly, the response to the questions would be no. Even the €90m purchase of Gonzalo Higuain was not to ensure dominance in Italian top flight.

Juventus have their sights set on bigger things and Cristiano Ronaldo is the missing piece of the puzzle. Under Max Allegri, the team was disjointed. It seemed Ronaldo was the only one working to get Juventus across the finishing line. He huffed and puffed against Atletico Madrid and Ajax was unable to stop their exit.

The Italians have a better chance this time around. Ronaldo gets going a clutch moment and he proves his mettle at the right time. At 35, he does not have much time left.

The prolific forward is chipping in with goals and still relevant. He has to deliver the Champions League soon enough for the faith put in him by the Old Lady and for his legacy.