Italian Serie A NewsMario Balotelli going “crazy” on his own in isolation
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Mario Balotelli admits he was going crazy on his own in isolation with no football, no friends and no family. He hasn’t handled the quarantine too well.


Mario Balotelli says he has been “going crazy” during his lockdown as he has spent the past several weeks totally alone. Like every other European league, Serie A has been shut down since March as a result of coronavirus.

The Brescia forward explained how due to certain family circumstances he had nobody to spend his isolation with. His lack of homemaking skills meant it was a dire situation that drove him crazy.

In an interview by Football Italia, Balotelli admits it was difficult and pushed his sanity close to the edge.

He said, “If you pass me the ball now, I am not able to get it under control with the first touch. It has been two months since I touched the ball.”

“I was going crazy for the last couple of weeks because I was totally alone. My daughter is in Naples, my son in Zurich, my mother is of a certain age and needs to be protected and my brothers are in quarantine with their children.”

“So, I was left by myself. It was tough. I was basically eating cardboard and trying to bite chunks out of the wall for the first three days as I can’t cook anything.”

“Fortunately, I then managed to get the food delivered.”

Balotelli still admits to having stretched the quarantine rules out of desperation.

“It is impossible to train properly of you don’t have a running machine. So even though it wasn’t really allowed, I went to the park near me to do a little running.

But super Mario is never far from controversy even on his own. During the coronavirus lockdown, he still managed to have a full-scale war of words with his fellow professionals.