English Premier LeagueFrank Lampard shares his managerial philosophy
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The Chelsea boss, Frank Lampard suggests the two most important aspects of being a manager are rusting your own decisions and not criticism personality.


When Lampard joined Chelsea as the head coach in July 2019, not many expected the Blues to do as well as they did prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chelsea had just lost their best player, Eden Hazard, and couldn’t replace him. The reason being, FIFA slapped the club with a transfer ban.

Those who doubted Frank Lampard really had a fair-points. They asserted that it takes an experienced and versatile manager to build a competitive squad with minimal resources. And, Lampard, who apparently lacked the much-needed audacity due to not having managed a top team, did not tick all their boxes.

Lampard’s Premier League tenure started with a disappointing 4-0 defeat to Manchester United. The defeat tipped to scales in the doubters’ favor. But fast forward to today, and Chelsea has built one of the most exciting young squads in the league using nothing but homegrown talent.

Talking about his managerial methods in an interview with the official club website, the 41-year-old suggests the most important trait for a manager is to stick with his decisions.

“I know that a manager is going to upset 10-15 of his players every week and make decisions that people are going to be unhappy about and scrutinize”.

“I think you just have to accept that as part of it. And I try not to make that the focal point. I try to see the bigger picture and think if I can be honest and upfront with the players which is not always easy”.

“Then the players will respect you in the end even if they are upset when they’re walking down that corridor”.