English Premier LeagueManchester United new 2020/21 home and away jersey
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Manchester United has stack to the classic red design in their new home kits with their away and third kits in a much bolder direction.


In February United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and managing director Richard Arnold gave an update on the search for a new shirt sponsor.

Arnold said, “we’ve communicated previously that the shirt process is underway and ongoing. Only at the point at which a deal is concluded, as you would expect, given its material information, we will announce that in the usual way. That hasn’t happened. And concurrently, we’ve also indicated that we won’t be providing running commentary on how that process and the associated negotiations are proceeding”.

“So, beyond speculation from the press, there is nothing further I can add in respect of the ongoing process”.

Contrary to director Richard Arnold, United’s 2020/21 campaign kits have been leaked online as the Red Devils hope to unleash their brand-new Adidas jerseys in the Champions League next season.

Leaked online info

United’s new home kits under Adidas won’t be much different from the 2017/18 edition with the trademark red-but with some added accents.

It is dominantly all-red save for the signature Adidas white stripes across the shoulder, along with the black and yellow stripes.

The new home kit is expected to be released in late July.

Manchester Saints 2020/21 away kits will be dark black-or green color with a subtle pattern all over. The ridge-like pattern on the kit is a subtle nod to the cover of the iconic “Unknown Pleasures” album artwork by Manchester Joy Division.

Of course, it’s all conjecture at this point though the away kit could be a tribute to the pulsating waves on the album cover as it is one of the most recognizable pieces of artwork in music history.

The away kit will be released in late July alongside the home kit. If not, the release will be done weeks later in August.

Details of United’s third kit have surfaced the net with linked information they are in a zebra print, “dazzle camo” bold design.

The black and white kit, with red trim, is likely to divide supporters. But, it’s supposedly part of the plan for eye-catching designs for next season.