English Premier LeagueReturn to Three Substitutes “surprises” Jurgen Klopp
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The Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp is surprised by the Premier League substitution decision to revert to three substitutes when the League starts this weekend.


When the 2019/20 season resumed amid the coronavirus outbreak, managers were allowed to name 20 players and make five substitutions.

Unlike the other Leagues in Europe, the Premier League will return to squads of 18 with three changes allowed.

“My concern is only about players’ welfare and nothing else”. Expressed Klopp.

“I don’t know why we had to discuss it. The whole of Europe is doing it. I thought from a common-sense point of view that this year, and only this year, not forever, we would have 20 and five”.

“It’s not about having an advantage because we can bring five top players on. I don’t like that we dealt with this thing based on the wrong facts”.

“It’s about players’ welfare and it’s about having the highest quality in the games for all teams. I was really surprised when I heard the league decided against it”.

“So you have to rotate more. You need numbers. I don’t know if you need more players but you need fit players to rotate and face these challenges”.

“We will attack title, not defend it”

Klopp side led last season from August until its delayed completion in July. The Reds ended with an 18 point gap over Manchester City who concluded the season at 2nd.

Despite the cushion, Manchester City starts the season as an odds-on favorite with bookmakers to regain the title.

“Winning the League last year is the best problem you can have”. Said Klopp.

“If it’s a problem then I don’t know it. But everybody else is giving me a feeling that it should be a problem. I don’t understand the term ‘defend the title’. Maybe I’m not smart enough”.

“We should. We can go for it for the last two years. We don’t take that for granted. But if the title is out there then we attack it. That’s how I’ve always understood it so why should that change?’”

“It doesn’t mean we will win it. But it is there to be attacked. That is how I understand it. No games, no points. Let’s go for it”.