Football NewsA quiet closing
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The situation 

Little movement in the Chamartín offices. Silence in the phone room. Nothing, or almost nothing. The last day of the transfer market has arrived meekly in the arms of Real Madrid, where there are only three names left in the window: Odriozola, Asensio and Mariano . These last two have been responsible for the generally hot day of September 1 at the Bernabéu going to touch the icy . Because both have decided that yes, they stay. Mariano had made the decision for a long time, in fact, it has been the same for months; Asensio, however, has had a personal swing during the summer, but c’est fini . He wants to stay white. It is Odriozola , therefore, the only note that can bring rock to a day of jazz. Because on the San Sebastian side there is still hope that an offer in extremis can arrive . Everything, after fracturing in the last hours the negotiations that seemed to pave the way for him to return to Real Sociedad . Noticias de Gipuzkoa first reported the txuri-urdin interest : Roberto Olabe and Erick Bretos, directors of Real Sociedad, were caught traveling to Madrid, on their way to try to close the agreement. 

The details

Despite the interest of all parties (Madrid wants to release him, Real wants to sign him and the player agrees to return), there was no agreement on the numbers. Its orbit remains the same and at the same time, different. He looks favorably on leaving, as he has been seeing for weeks, but he heads to the last day of the market without offers… for the moment . Because Madrid , knowing that everything seems to indicate that he will stay, is still confident that a phone may ring. Until 11:59 p.m., everything is possible. The Royal Society fell, but the interest is latent and a change of position would rekindle the flame. An international door could also open for him: Inter Milan and Nottingham Forrest have already asked about him . For Ancelotti he is the third right back, after Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez. If she stayed, she would have a grayish to black future. And that, on the eve of the World Cup, is less recommended than ever.