Football NewsAccording to Brad Friedel, Gio Reyna can be whatever he wants
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American footballer Gio Reyna could be who he wants to be, says the former international from the United States, with the Borussia Dortmund playmaker said he won’t look out of place in Real Madrid or the Premier League heavyweight title if a future transfer is sought.


A little about the topic

For now, the high-ranking young player is very focused on the present and another injury must be brushed off in Germany as the USMNT star takes aim at the 2022 World Cup. However, the time is expected to come when big career appeals need to be made, with Gio’s obvious potential already being highlighted by leading parties across Europe.


What did Friedel say about Gio Reyna?

Former US national team player Brad Friedel, who played for the association, spoke of Gio’s promise that Gio Reyna can be who he wants to be. His father was one of the players in hell. He also needs to stay fit. Gio Reyna had some problems. But he did remarkably well. Basically from the first moment that Reyna went through he did well and went from strength to strength.

Then he pressed on whether Gio would be able to play in English football at some stage, like his dad once did, Brad Friedel added that Gio Reyna could play in the Premier League. When you come to the Premier League, there is a learning curve because of its physicality. Can Reyna get used to, adapt and thrive? Absolutely.

According to Brad Friedel, Gio Reyna can transplant and do defensive work, do pressure, if that’s what the game system calls for. Reyna has the tools to be it all. Also, being in Dortmund, this is one of the big boys in Germany. Reyna is used to a big club so it won’t be a problem if he goes. Brad Friedel also said that he imagines that if he ever leaves Dortmund, he will move to another very large club. This will seem normal to him and will not be scary.