According to Joao Cancelo, his late mother inspires everything he does

According to Joao Cancelo, his late mother inspires everything he does

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11 Apr 2022
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Joao Cancelo

Joao Cancelo considered his future in the game after the death of his mother nine years ago.


A little about the topic

The Portuguese international and Man City cornerback says his late mother is the inspiration for everything he does. Filomena player’s mother Filomena Cancelo in a car accident nine years ago. After the crash, Cancelo says he stopped enjoying the game and wondered if it’s worth continuing to play, but the player says that today he’s driven by the desire to make her proud.


What did Joao Cancelo say?

Joao Cancelo revealed that her personality is the most similar to his. Only Cancelo knows what she did for him; the hardships they both went through, the conversations she had with him when there was no money at home. According to Joao, he would tell her that he would try his best to give her a better future so that she would never have to work again.

And today, despite the fact that she is there, Joao does everything to make her proud of him. Cancelo says that she was a cheerful person and even if she was tired, she always made it to them with her brother. Today, Joao is also trying to keep his family from wanting for nothing. He tries to give his daughter and his girlfriend the love she gave him.

When Cancelo lost her mother, he felt like he was at the bottom of a well. Joao felt like a robot who had to do his job, then go home, then another day after day. When he lost his mom, he didn’t enjoy his football; He played because he had to. He really thought about giving up because it didn’t make sense anymore.

According to Joao Cancelo, his love for the game began to slowly return; his smile slowly returned. That’s what life is about. No matter how big the loss, they must continue. He reads a lot of things about warriors and some things really resonate with him.

The Portuguese says that he would really like to be able to talk to his mother, because something is always missing. Even when Joao achieves something important, there is always that feeling. As if he always has an emptiness in his heart, because it is not physically there.

In Portugal, Cancelo always goes to her cemetery. It’s like an obligation that he has. That’s where he feels good, next to her. The Portuguese says that even though she is not physically there, he feels good. This cleanses his soul, his bad energies and helps him live a happier life.

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