Football NewsAccording to Kostas Tsimikas, Robertson helps him adjust to the team
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Liverpool defender Tsimikas says he learns from Robertson and says his fellow left back is helping him adapt to the squad.


What did Kostas Tsimikas say?

The Greek International joined the Olympiacos Reds last year but failed to make it to the first team in their maiden season. Tsimikas, 25, wants to compete for a regular spot in this season’s starting XI and was trusted to play in Liverpool’s first two Premier League games while Andy Robertson was away with ankle ligament injury.

Kostas says the Scottish International has been a big help to him but is willing to challenge him for a spot on the team. Kostas Tsimikas said that last year he always asked about the team’s gameplay. Andy Robertson is a very nice person, he is always open to help him. Andy is a very nice guy, a very good player, and they will have a good challenge together and they will see. The things he does are very, very good.

Kostas Tsimikas is ready for every challenge to get more chances, show more things and help his team more. The quarterback feels that his first year at the club helped him adjust to Klopp’s playstyle and provided him with the motivation for the 2021-22 campaign. According to Tsimikas, it was a study of what Jurgen Klopp wants tactically. When the team had big injuries, from Van Dijk and every center-back, it was very, very difficult for Kostas to play.

This made him stronger and more powerful to train until his chance came. The 25-year-old thinks it helped him because he feels ready and knows more what Jurgen Klopp wants, because Tsimikas is totally ready and ready for every challenge in the future.


Where does the nickname ‘Greek Scouser’ come from?

The 25-year-old has been nicknamed the Greek Scouser since his arrival in Anfield, a moniker he loves very much. When asked where the name came from, Kostas Tsimikas said that there is a guy he trains with here, they said that at first as a joke because Tsimikas always tried to speak with a lousy accent! He once told him after Tsimikas posted on social media and everyone loved it. Kostas Tsimikas is very happy with this and also because people love him here and it gives him extra strength to give everything Tsimikas has in every game.