Football NewsAccording to Luke Shaw the Red Devils lacked motivation
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English footballer Luke Shaw says the Red Devils lacked motivation and intensity as they lost 1-0 at home to the wolves on Monday.


What did Luke Shaw say?

Man Utd saw their unbeaten run under the Red Devils interim manager Ralf Rangnick come to an end as Portuguese footballer Joao Moutinho scored the decisive goal 82 minutes later. Luke Shaw was deeply disappointed with his team’s performance as the left-back felt it looked like an easy win for the visitors.

Red Devils player Luke Shaw said they weren’t good enough, they really fought, they couldn’t reach the ball, and when they didn’t have the ball, they weren’t aggressive enough. they did not put any pressure on them. According to Luke Shaw, it might look like an easy game to them. Disappointing performance and result. They didn’t have many ball options and weren’t on their front foot.

They have to put more pressure on them, they have to have intensity. they are players, they were here a long time ago, maybe today they fought, Luke didn’t think they were all there together. if you look at the players that they have, they have incredible quality, but sometimes the quality is not enough.

Luke Shaw also said that they need to bring in intensity and more motivation. Inside the dressing room, they know what they want, but on the pitch, they have to give 100%. To win these types of games, they all need to be 100% committed. It’s hard and upsetting.


A little about the topic

The result means that Ralf Rangnick’s team remains seventh in the Premier League, while the wolves advance to eighth and within three points of the red devils. Man Utd is back in action the following Monday, facing off against Aston Villa at Old Trafford in the FA Cup. In five days they have an away match against the same team in the Premier League.