Football NewsAccording to Rangnick Cristiano Ronaldo will not become a permanent captain
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Man Utd boss has no plans to give Cristiano Ronaldo the Red Devils captaincy permanently after the Portugal international filled out an injured Maguire against Wolves last week.


A little about the topic

The Portuguese star gave an interview this week where he questioned the mentality of the current Red Devils roster and suggested to a number of young players not to take advice on an offer to them. The player’s comments led a section of supporters to say he should be given the captain’s armband on a full-time basis, but the idea was dismissed by the head coach.


What did Ralf Rangnick say?

Cristiano captained Man Utd for the first time in a premier league loss to the Wolves with Maguire injured. However, Ronaldo has no plans to take over Harry Maguire on a permanent basis. Ralf Rangnick said he sees no reason to do so now because Maguire has been the captain so far and as long as Harry Maguire is playing he will be the captain. According to Ralf, if Harry isn’t playing, someone else should be the captain. This can change from game to game just depending on who is playing.

Ralf Rangnick was asked if he agrees with Cristiano’s sentiment that a mentality shift is needed from the team. the German manager said that he thinks this should happen in every training session and in every game, and of course it’s also about what happens after the situations during the game. according to Rangnick if things go wrong they have to behave in a certain way and it’s also about being a role model not only for older people like Ronaldo but also for the younger ones and how they handle these situations.

But does he think they lack an elite mentality? Ralf Rangnick explained that in order to talk about it, they need to discuss what mentality means. Like Ralf said, as long as one of their players in the game doesn’t go all out and do their best, then Rangnick will turn to it, they can be sure of it.

So far Ralf hasn’t seen it, but with some players they start well. For example, they talk about Rashford. Rangnick thinks that in the first 20 minutes against Villa Rashford was good, he was on fire, he was emotionally involved, but then after the first 30 minutes Rashford got worse and didn’t play at the same energetic level that he did in the first half hour. They need to talk about it, Rangnick does it regularly, does he need a helping hand? What is it for? So Ralf does not see that any of the players do not care about the club or who do not want to play at the highest level.