Football NewsAfter Sergio Ramos, Varane is ready to take lead at Real Madrid
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In the latest interview with Spanish newspaper, Varane said that he is ready to take a leadership role at Real Madrid. Right now Sergio Ramos is unquestionable leader and captain. Journalists also asked him about the worst performance of his career.


Zidane wants Raphael to be the captain of the team after Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is the current captain of the team. Spanish defender is already 34 years old and he may give the leadership to other players in the next 2-3 seasons. BEfore that, French coach has to find someone who has courage to motivate the team when everything is going wrong. Is Varane the good candidate for Real Madrid’s leadership? 

Raphael Varane has been at Real Madrid for 8 years already. When Jose signed Raphael, no one knew about the little kid from Paris. Currently Varane is the ultimate leader of French national team. With Raphael Varane in defense, France national team won the World Cup in Russia. At the age of 27, Raphael won everything that any player can dream. Raphael won everything with Real Madrid and the World Cup with France national team. 

During the interview with beIN sports, Varane talked about Sergio Ramos. French player said that Sergio is a true leader and the team needs someone like Sergio. Defender also noted that it’s very sad that players get old and they may leave the team. The charisma of Ramos can’t be described and used by others that’s why Varane thinks that soon Madrid may need new blood for leadership. As Sergio gets old, he won’t be able to play as much as he was playing in the previous season. 

Worst performance was against Manchester City?

Raphael said that the match against Manchester city will go along with him for good. French player believes that elimination was 100% his fault and until this moment, the worst moments from that match haunt him. Varane said that he accepted the defeat and already said sorry to all the team-members. French defender noted that bad moments happen and those moments have a reason. He found reasons and wants to continue on a high level with Real Madrid.