Football NewsBarca’s presidential candidate wants Messi to stay in Barcelona for good
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Presidential candidate of Barcelona, Agusti Benedito met with Radio Marca’s journalists and answered many questions. The 56 years old presidential candidate was very clear regarding the situation in the club. 


Barca can’t compete with PSG financially

As you may know, Barcelona’s main player Lionel Messi said that he wants to leave the club. The last management of Barcelona could not extend a contract with Lionel Messi. Even more, Lionel had a very tough relationship with the latest president of Barcelona. That’s why Messi did not extend the contract with Barca. In summer, everyone was waiting for Messi to leave the club. At that point, Messi stayed for one more season and he wants to finish the contract. Keep in mind that Messi will be a free agent by 1 June of 2021. In just 6 months, Messi will be a free agent and can join any club for free. Giving a chance to Messi to leave Barca for free is another financial issue for Agusti. He said that Barcelona is in a very bad financial situation and if Messi leaves the club without getting paid for the contract, then Barca will go into serious financial downhill. 

Agusti needs a serious conversation with Messi

Messi can talk to other clubs from 1st January of 2021. In just 12 days, PSG has a full right to get in touch with Messi’s representatives and start negotiations. Benedito said that he was really disappointed after Neymar’s comments on Messi’s future. As you may know, Neymar said that soon he will play with Messi. Journalists believe that Messi can join PSG next season. Neymar, Messi and Mbappe’s attacking line can lead PSG to Champions League trophy.

Agusti said that he has to talk with Messi about the decision. Everyone in the team has to do best regarding Messi. If they can change Messi’s opinion, then Barca can go into the less financial issues.