Football NewsMarc Overmars demands the cancellation of the season
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Marc Overmars criticizes the Dutch Football Federation and UEFA. He thinks that better if they cancel the season – not because of Ajax’s leadership.


Ajax Amsterdam has responded critically to the decision of the Dutch Football Federation. As you may know, according to the decision, they should hold the remaining 8 rounds of the Eredivisie before August 3. The idea of the Amsterdam club is to stop the season.

“Why do they think about money now and not about people’s health?” I hoped that the Dutch Football Federation would make a decision independently and not hide behind UEFA.” – Ajax sporting director Marc Overmars told in the interview with Telegraaf.


“Big Leagues put UEFA under pressure.”


“Many clubs think like me. Eredivisie is dead. No one will get pleasure. In the Netherlands, our clubs do not have the same income from television rights as in Spain, England, Germany, and Italy.

I think the big leagues have put UEFA under pressure. They want to somehow take the season to the end.” – added the ex-star. Overmars has played 86 matches for the Netherlands.

Marc Overmars is in favor of stopping the season and says his request has nothing to do with Ajax’s championship lead. Note, that the Eredivisie has been suspended until at least June 1.

It is noteworthy that there are 13 614 cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands. One thousand one hundred seventy-three died, and 250 people recovered. Over 900,000 people have had the coronavirus infection worldwide. Forty-seven thousand two hundred eighty-six died. And 195 371 were rescued.