Football NewsAleix Vidal, in front of a fetish rival
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Real Madrid youth squad, he scored on his last visit to the Bernabeu and in the first round with Espanyol. And he won both. The rest of the matches were lost.

The situation 

Aleix Vidal has scored two goals for Real Madrid . The first, on his last visit to the Bernabeu , on December 23, 2017, and with the Barcelona shirt (0-3). And the second, in the first round match between Espanyol and the whites, in Cornellà (2-1). In both cases, he put the finishing touch to the victory of their respective teams. Of ten clashes with Madrid, in fact, those two were the only ones he won. The others lost them all. Up to eight . He is a fetish rival for Vidal not only because of those two goals, but also because of the weight of his even deeper past. For that childhood in which he was a madridista . “When I was at home, I watched football on TV with my parents and brothers, who were from Madrid, and that’s why I went with them . But the one I started living from football has always been from the team that feeds me ”. One of those clubs was Real Madrid itself, which he arrived at as a cadet, in 2004, and where he could not continue due to the high school demands of the center where he studied and lived as a boarder.

Important details

Unlike the match of last October 2 at the RCDE Stadium, Aleix Vidal will have to be used this Saturday in a more backward position, the right-handed side , by a Oscar Gil whose convalescence already led him to start in the defeat on Thursday of the week against Rayo Vallecano (0-1), but also in other matches with a happier outcome, such as the derby against Barcelona in Cornellà , which ended 2-2, last February.