Football NewsAlessandro Del Piero thinks Antonio Conte is unlikely to turn his back on the Spurs
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Italian manager Antonio Conte is unlikely to turn his back on the Spurs and consider a return to the Bianconeri, claims former footballer Alessandro Del Piero.


A little about the topic

The former Juventus footballer and coach has enjoyed considerable success with the Turin heavyweights in the past, but he last broke ties with them back in 2014. The Bianconeri are currently in a tough spot with Allegri struggling to bring out the best from an all-star roster, and there have been speculations that the Serie A giants might turn to another familiar face for some much-needed inspiration.


What did Del Piero say about Antonio Conte?

Alessandro, who is Antonio’s former teammate, doubts the Italian tactician would consider returning to Italy with so many left to achieve in England, saying he thinks everyone is talking about it now because Antonio Conte did so well at Juventus. because the fans love him and because the Bianconeri have some problems, but Del Piero doesn’t think there is any talk at the moment. According to Alessandro Del Piero, it’s his personal faith and what he thinks, nothing he knows, to be honest.

Alessandro thinks Conte is very focused on what he’s doing with the Spurs right now and that they’ve made the round of 16 in the Champions League is a big deal. Antonio Conte was able to grow the team last year from ninth place, so he started a journey that is still going well and he has a lot to do there. The Italian thinks that Conte is as focused as possible on this reality, which is Tottenham for him.

Alessandro added about the interest shown in managers working outside of their homeland, with another high ranking Italian supplying larger silver items in Real Madrid, that they continue to watch and follow all Italians who are not in Italy, like Antonio, like Ancelotti and Del Piero thinks the Italians are looking to Conte to see if he can win a trophy with the Spurs.

According to the Italian, he means Tottenham are a great club in England, but the trophy has been out for so long, so he thinks everyone wants to see if the team and himself can make it through the journey to win the trophy.