Football NewsAlessandro Del Piero: “It’s time to reconsider values.”
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Alessandro Del Piero talks about the situation and says that now everything will change:


“We find ourselves in reality, which will affect each of us. I am sure certain approaches and values will change.

Americans are now sadly going the same way that Italy did. Differences can be fixed for a few weeks.

At first, there was a blind attitude to the situation. Then there was panic and so on. But as it turns out, they are too late.

Update Serie A? Yes, a specific number is written on the sheet, but no one knows anything about the case.

From a sports point of view, this is undoubtedly an interesting year. The winner will be the one who has more courage and attitude in such a difficult time.

It is a fact that Juve has a certain advantage. Their squad is surprisingly balanced and diverse. However, no one can ignore such an issue.

The pandemic created an economic crisis and dealt a major blow to the football world. Do you see how many clubs have gone bankrupt? A vast army of people remained unemployed.

Now is an excellent time to look through everything and think about the direction in which we want to continue to progress.

The balance between the outcome and the income must be enough not for just survival, but the club should become financially more and more strong from month to month!

The problem in Italy is much more fundamental. They are virtually isolated and have no communication with the fans.

Even if you look at the stadiums, isn’t that a place to spend time with your family? There are nuances that we cannot ignore.

That’s why we need to reconsider and start large-scale procedures that will re-unite the fans and the club again. That will be the beginning of victory. “