Football NewsAlexander-Arnold in midfield an England risk worth taking
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In a surprising move ahead of Euro 2024, England manager Gareth Southgate is shaking things up by making bold decisions to end the country’s 58-year title drought. After dropping key players like Jack Grealish and Marcus Rashford, Southgate is now reportedly set to start Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield for England’s upcoming match against Serbia.

Despite Alexander-Arnold’s lack of experience in the central role, Southgate believes the 25-year-old has the skills to excel in the position. This risky move showcases Southgate’s determination to take chances and make strategic changes to improve England’s performance in the tournament.

With speculation buzzing around this unexpected lineup change, fans are eager to see how Alexander-Arnold will fare in his new midfield role. Will this gamble pay off for Southgate and lead England to success in Germany? Stay tuned for more football news and updates on this exciting development.