Allegri accuses the former of illegal embezzlement of alimony

Allegri accuses the former of illegal embezzlement of alimony

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23 Jun 2022
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Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri returned to Turin dismal: Juve again did not become the champion, lost all domestic finals and ended the season without trophies for the first time in 11 years. But now the coach has problems off the field as well: Allegri is suing an ex-girlfriend who appears to have squandered some of his child support.

Allegri has 11-year-old son Giorgio from her: the coach believes that child support goes not only to the boy

According to Corriere della Sera, Allegri paid 10 thousand euros to Claudia Ughi – she gave birth to his son Giorgio back in 2011. True, the couple decided to break off relations even before his birth. “The crisis began during pregnancy,” Allegri said tersely. However, my conscience is clear. I am a fool, but not a traitor. In 2014, they again converged, but three years later they broke up completely. Now they are united only by litigation. In 2021, Allegri applied to the court of Turin in order to achieve a two-fold reduction in alimony – up to 5 thousand euros. He justified this by the fact that he has been unemployed since 2019, when he left Juventus. Then Massimiliano did not succeed. However, Allegri went further and found out that the funds he transferred to a special account were used not only for their intended purpose. From bank statements, we learned that Claudia spent this money on financial investments, buying a house and educating another child. That is, not all of Allegri’s funds went to the maintenance of Giorgio. In this regard, the coach turned to the prosecutor’s office, where during the investigation it was established that the woman spent more than 200 thousand euros in three years: from 2018 to 2021. Claudia has already been charged, but her lawyers insist that it is wrong to infringe on other children from the family. “It’s like expecting a mother in a family of three to buy a jumper of less value for her daughter than for her son just because the latter’s father is richer,” the lawyers emphasize. The documents indicate that Claudia has always invested Allegri’s money in the interests of the family where his son is growing up.

“She suffered, supported and forgave me.” Allegri used to say a lot of good things about the girl

Before the alimony story, little was written about Claudia Ugi in the media – as a rule, they did not even mention her last name. Allegri explained it simply: “We were together for eight years (from 2003 to 2011), but then I coached Sassuolo and Cagliari – no one cared about my personal life.” After a breakup in 2011, Max and Claudia got back together three years later – the coach came to the first Christmas party at Juventus with her. “She suffered, supported and forgave me. Turned a blind eye to all my stupidity. I owe a lot to her, ”said Allegri. But the reunion turned out to be short-lived: at first, Giorgio lived in two houses, and then legal proceedings began.

Max is the main playboy among coaches: he broke up two days before the wedding, he always left first

Allegri never left a woman, he always left first. The Juventus coach in general is one of the top Italian playboys and womanizers: he canceled the wedding two days before the ceremony and left the women without warning. Only eight of his ex-girlfriends crawled into the press: among them are both popular TV presenters and models, as well as a number of non-public people, with one of whom, Erica, he broke up right on the eve of the wedding.


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