Spanish La Liga NewsAlvaro Rodriguez is ready to dominate Real Madrid
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The Spanish-Uruguayan came to the pitch against Osasuna. The second youngest assistant in the history of Madrid. He wins integers to stay with the first team.


Real Madrid’s young generation

If you are a Real Madrid youth player, every minute in the first team is precious. Sergio Arribas understood it when he entered the Club World Cup semifinals and scored a goal against Egyptian Al Ahly in thirty seconds. He also got the message from his fellow Castillista Álvaro Rodríguez (18 years old) . The subsidiary striker traveled to Pamplona due to the absence of Benzema, he was able to live his debut in the League (he had already made his debut in the first round of the Cup against Cacereño) and left his mark: two assists, although one was later disallowed. But the one that was valid was how they like it in Madrid. The game was dying (it was minute 92) and the Spanish-Uruguayan finished it off with intelligent pressure to steal the ball from David García and then deliver the goal to Asensio . An assistance with history.


Another level debut

Alvaro’s league debut is per se among the earliest in the 21st century. Only Morata (18 years and 50 days), Vinicius (18 years and 79 days) and Borja Mayoral (18 years and 209 days) wore the Madrid shirt when they were younger. An irruption that can have continuity. Mariano continues to be a completely accessory footballer for Ancelotti and four months after the end of his contract, it does not seem that this is going to change. Nor would it be understood, at the club level, that a young footballer who is pushing hard and is endorsed by Raul sees himself blocked by another with a foot and a half at the starting gate and whose attitude, behind closed doors, has been more than once questioned.