Football NewsAlves: “I’m predestined. And Guardiola, the best”
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On the same day as his 39th birthday, the Brazilian reviews his career at Barcelona and applauds Pep.

The situation

“I am predestined” . He tells Daniel Alves on his 39th birthday that, when he erases everything he has lived through in his mind, he believes that everything was written. “It’s not easy to get to Barça and make the history we’ve made here, that’s why I think I’ve been predestined,” he explains. The report begins in the locker room. The Brazilian explains that “many times people are not lucky enough to see what happens in here, because I think they would respect the footballers more. Here I have seen very big people cry like little ones; and we have seen people suffer. The links that are formed here are unique. When you have a great dressing room, you win things. That’s why what happened here was unrepeatable”.


Then, Alves and the interviewer, Marc Brau, move to the pitch. In front of the benches, the Brazilian international surrenders to Guardiola: “Each coach marked me in his own way, but Guardiola is the best. He is the best I could aspire to. Every day was a class with him. Any professional in football, if Guardiola trains him, he already knows that he will be able to be a coach. Every day is a masterclass”. And from there to the stands. “He suffers more on the pitch than in the stands,” he says, breaking the old cliche. “Because those who say that haven’t been out there on the lawn. If they were in there… I couldn’t choose. “I have the Champions League eliminations nailed down against Inter and Chelsea, but they are necessary pains. Sometimes, losing awakens the lion that says: tomorrow I start to rebuild our victory. Many times I say to myself: How I like to win. It ‘s a way of life”, he says goodbye when the interview goes to the stands. “The fans are the essential part of our work; we are a part. We are the lights, but we have to be grateful to the fans. In the end, without a good box there is no great show. They are magical, like us” .