Football NewsAndrea Agnelli: The system is currently ineffective
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Juve President Andrea Agnelli has once again defended his side’s participation in the interrupted Super League, arguing that football still needs a radical overhaul despite the failure of the project.


What did Andrea Agnelli say?

The Italian giants are one of only three clubs, along with Barcelona and Real Madrid, which have yet to leave the Super League. The plan, which appeared at the end of April, caused a huge buzz around the football world and could still lead to sanctions by UEFA for the clubs involved. Andrea Agnelli said at a press conference on Friday that he remembers a 2019 proposal between the European Club Association and UEFA, which Andrea thought was excellent, and was in fact supported by the clubs in the second, third and fourth divisions. According to Andrea Agnelli, you can’t help but admit that European football is concentrated in a monopoly of executive, economic and legal power, reserving almost arbitrary responsibility for issuing licenses to UEFA. The system is currently ineffective. The Super League was not a coup d’état, but a desperate warning cry about a system that was already on the verge of collapse before the pandemic, and is heading towards insolvency.


Clubs have always asked for communication

While UEFA is considering what action to take against Juve and their peers, Andrea insists that there is no legal basis for punishment. Andrea Agnelli added that Clubs have always asked for communication with UEFA, which reacted by slamming the door and making serious, arrogant threats against the three clubs that remain in the Super League, completely ignoring the Madrid Tribunal’s verdict and awaiting the European Tribunal’s verdict. they can assure that the legal basis for the project is solid. Agnelli also said that this attitude on the part of UEFA is not about how you reform football and that their commitment to dialogue with FIFA and UEFA is unchanging. Other sports have changed their format over the years, such as the Euroleague basketball, bringing great benefits to fans, clubs and players. Almost all the stakeholders supporting football need to be reformed, but those who propose are demonized. Barcelona, ​​Juve and Real Madrid intend to continue their proposals, also in solidarity with those who were too afraid to stick to them.