Football NewsAnother dangerous curve
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Barcelona, after two defeats at home, receives Mallorca. Xavi’s team was unable to decode either Rayo Vallecano or Cadiz.


Barcelona is once again facing the same curve in which it has fallen twice in a row . The one that quotes him at the Camp Nou against a team from the bottom of the table with all the pronouncements in favor of taking a giant step towards qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League and in which he goes to the gutter, He hit the punch against Cádiz and repeated it against Rayo leaving six points that would already have him as virtual runner-up in LaLiga. Tonight at the Camp Nou (9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga) Mallorca arrives, another team with water up to their necks and which is a dangerous oil stain for a Barcelona team that is running on very worn tires at this point in the season. Barcelona is desperately looking for a victory that will get it out of the rut that it has been getting into after starring in a run of results that led some optimists at the Camp Nou to dream of making LaLiga difficult for Real Madrid. With the white team already champion , Barcelona faces the urgent need to score points so as not to repeat the collapse of last season in the final stretch of the championship.


Dangerous opponent. But to add the three points, Xavi’s team will have to solve the enigma that they have been unable to solve against Cadiz and Rayo Vallecano. The scenario is presented exactly the same as on the previous two occasions. Mallorca arrives risking their lives and with the cards of their tactical approach on the table for everyone to see. There are no secrets. As Sergio did and as Iraola did , Aguirre will plant his team well- equipped in defense and look to scare a Barcelona team that will despair if it takes too long to open the scoring. The pressure can put on some Barcelona players who this week have gone to a brotherhood meal to see if they found the motivation that their coach missed.