Football NewsAntoine Griezmann’s loan transfer to Atletico Madrid
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Towards the end of the summer transfer window, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid reached an agreement over the transfer of Antoine Griezmann with the player leaving the Camp Nou on a two-year loan deal. Following that, Barcelona released a statement announcing the move and mentioned a mandatory purchase option for Atletico, but not much else. 

Antoine Griezmann situation

Griezmann moves to Atletico on a two year loan deal, and at the end of that period the purchase option comes into force, for a fee of around 40 million euros. Atletico Madrid don’t need to buy Griezmann as he hasn’t fulfilled the required number of games played. Another clue in the agreement between the clubs also states that Atletico can buy the player at any time during the loan period. The transfer fee for such a purchase is already set out in the contract, but is unknown at this moment, Antoine Griezmann has been a really mediocre and underwhelming in every way possible and that is the main problem of Griezmann as a player, he is not enough to be wanted by many clubs that are searching for players to buy, his injuries and plus to all of that he lost lots of momentum to say the least, he lost some of his speed he had in his prime, With all these clauses built into the loan deal, one thing is obvious… Griezmann will not be returning to the Camp Nou. The spirit of the agreement makes it clear that Atletico Madrid will retain his services over the next two years and beyond. On the same evening, Barcelona obtained the services of Luuk de Jong on loan from Sevilla. 

Antoine Griezmann’s future

Antoine Griezmann will probably stay in Atletico Madrid, and this can absolutely be a big redemption from him, going back to his old club may give him some power and motivation to go on and become better himself, to show us his real potential. Only thing we have to do is to wait and see how it’s going to unveil.