Football NewsAntonio Conte admitted that Chelsea proved to be much better than Tottenham
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Italian football manager Antonio Conte admitted that Tottenham was beaten by superior Chelsea in the Carabao Cup defeat on Wednesday, warning that he could not wave a magic wand to improve the side’s fortunes in the current transfer window.


What did Antonio Conte say?

Tottenham’s hopes of winning the trophy dealt a big blow as they slipped 2-0 in the semi-finals of their first leg. Havertz’s early hit and Davies’ own goal sealed the fate of the visitors, leaving them a tough challenge in the return leg next week.

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte explained that it was a difficult game, difficult from the start, Chelsea showed itself much better than them. They fought a lot from the start in the first half, but they know that we are talking about one of the best teams in Europe, in the world, last season they won the Champions League. If you compare two teams, there will be no comparison.

It’s about a team ready to win – today they saw the difference between the two teams. It’s not easy to play at Stamford Bridge, the way they were very focused, they won the ball every time and then they conceded a goal, they were out of luck. When the game starts and after a few minutes they score, the game is likely to become very difficult.

According to Antonio Conte, he knows the situation, it is very clear that there is an important gap in this moment. they should try to fight to stay in the league in a good position, but if they think they are close, he thinks they are not on the right track.


A lot of work to be done

While Tottenham is expected to be active in the January window, Antonio does not believe any potential new arrivals will immediately affect the team’s fortunes. Antonio Conte added to reporters that, to be honest, he also wants to be very clear, because if they think they are solving the situation with the transfer window in January, he is telling a lie, not the truth.

There is a lot of work to be done. If anyone thinks that the transfer market can solve the situation. First of all, it is very difficult to buy in January. Very, very difficult. Then they have to see if there is an option to buy the players they want. Conte thinks they should continue to work hard the way they do and continue to level up their players. Then if there are any opportunities and the club is convinced of these opportunities to improve the team.

But Conte reiterates that he does not see the resolution of their problems in the transfer window. The solution to their problems now is to work and improve all the many aspects of their squad. According to Antonio Conte, he reiterates that there is a lot of work to be done. If they think, if they buy one or two players and solve the situation, they are wrong.