Football NewsAntonio Conte Refuses to Discuss his Contract with Spurs
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Antonio Conte is refusing to discuss his contract with Tottenham because he most likely wants to Leave.

When Antonio Conte delays talks about extending his contract, it is usually because he has decided to leave. It happened at Juventus, Inter Milan, and it is now happening at Tottenham Hotspur.

The signs of a split with Tottenham are all there, and Conte has a history of leaving clubs early.

Tottenham suffered a 2-0 defeat against Manchester United on Wednesday, just a few days after insisting that his contract is “not a priority issue.”

When journalists ask him about his contract, the Italian coach usually raises his voice and responds emotionally because he dislikes questions that cannot be answered immediately.

He only cares about what happens on the field, training, and results, and he doesn’t want to hear about anything else.

Even if he decides to leave at the end of the season, Conte is a professional who will give his blood, sweat, and tears to Tottenham, the club, and the fans. Make no mistake, he will devote his entire energy to assisting his current team.

Unfortunately, his contract at White Hart Lane expires next summer, making now an excellent time to relocate.

Conte believes he needs to play for a top club, and if he cannot find one in London, he would prefer to return to his family in Italy.