Football NewsAntonio Conte wishes the new Inter manager Simone Inzaghi the best of luck
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Antonio revealed why he turned down the chance to run Tottenham, with the Spurs having an interest in appointing Inter’s former boss.


Antonio Conte likes challenges

The Italian coach delivered Inter’s first Serie A title for 11 years in 2020-21, only to come out a few weeks later amid reports that the club would be forced to sell first-team players due to financial pressure. Antonio looked set to return to the Premier League, where he had previously won the title with Chelsea as he entered into negotiations with Spurs, although the 51-year-old eventually decided not to take over the North London club. Antonio Conte said that overall he enjoys challenges and Conte has accepted many of them throughout his career. Even the top clubs that Antonio coached were never favorites when he arrived, he says, however, if there is something that doesn’t convince him, Antonio chooses not to accept, regardless of the money.


Conte’s reason for leaving Inter

Inter president Steven Zhang previously stated that Antonio Conte had left because he was not happy with the club’s desire to cut costs due to financial pressure from the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, Steven said they must cut costs and control risks. Obviously, this also affects the transfer market strategy. their different views of the situation led to a disconnect. What was not fundamental for him was for the club, and vice versa. Antonio Conte is a top coach, but as president he has to think about the solidity of the club. Antonio has now gotten his say, explaining that he still respects Steven and only wants the best for Inter.  Antonio Conte said what he can say is that his project has never changed, but discussing it now would be nonsense. Conte doesn’t want to create controversy or talk about transfers. according to Antonio he respects Steven and thanks him for his choice. Conte loves Inter, the club and their fans and wishes the new Inter manager Simone Inzaghi the best of luck because he is a very talented and ambitious coach and wishes all the best to the Nerazzurri.