Football NewsApplication for Jules Kounde rejected
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Sevilla has confirmed that it has rejected the application for Kounde, while insisting that the club does not need to sell the goal to Chelsea or any other player.


No specific offer for the player

Jules Kounde was closely associated with the move to Stamford Bridge this summer. However, the Blues will have their work cut to sign the defender, although Sevilla has indeed confirmed that they will appreciate any follow-up suggestions if they come. Club president Jose Castro explained to reporters on Wednesday that it was true, that there was an offer for Jules Kounde that they turned down.

There is currently no specific offer for the player. If he comes, they will look at him as they always did. If they have to sell, they will do as long as these resources can be reinvested in the club in order to keep improving and expanding their trophy cabinet.

As long as the market is open, Castro says anything can happen. They have players who can leave. Anything can happen this time of year before the 31st. This is a window where there were few moves in most clubs, but not in theirs.


No need to sell any player

While there was no direct contact between Chelsea and Sevilla, negotiations took place between intermediaries representing both clubs. Further reports suggest that it was Tottenham, not the Blues, whose proposal was rebuffed by the Andalucians. Jules Kounde’s exemption clause has also been hit in recent weeks, jumping from € 80 million to € 90 million, although Chelsea hopes they can pay for a lower price.

However, according to Jose Castro, the responsibility to convince Londoners to sell lies with the Londoners or any other groom. Jose added that Sevilla does not need to sell any player. they will sell if they are satisfied with a non-market rate that allows them to continue to strengthen the team and do better on the athletic side. This is what they have always done, they have not changed there.