Football NewsArribas shoots at Castilla
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The situation

Raúl’s Real Madrid Castilla has just taken flight after a hesitant start to the season, in which they chained a defeat and two draws to add just one point out of nine , but after which they have managed to win three straight duels to put their promotion on track towards the upper area of ​​the table, the one in which the white subsidiary must always be installed. After the victories against Unionistas (1-0) and Sanse (1-5), the next to go through the dentist was Badajoz, who left Valdebebas with a 3-1 that reflected the white superiority, evident during the 90 minutes. Raúl had to form an eleven in which Iker Bravo, his brand new signing from Bayer Leverkusen, was missing, since he is concentrated with the U-19 National Team; He made up for that absence with Noel López, another addition from last summer and the most promising player that Deportivo de la Coruña’s academy had been developing. Without Obrador, also summoned with the inferiors of Spain, Marvel acted as left back, with Dotor and Villar managing the midfield (it seems difficult for this pairing to break) and with Arribas, Martín, Peter and Noel directing the attack . Pearls like Bruno Iglesias or Pipi Nakai will have to keep waiting for the opportunity at the right time. Of all of them, none influenced the game like Arribas. The talented midfielder scored the second and third goals for Castilla to certify the victory and make it clear that there is no other leader like him in this Madrid subsidiary that is seeking, once and for all, promotion to Second Division. Arribas stayed at Castilla despite having offers from Primera and abroad, at Raúl’s request to have a powerful team to try for promotion. 

The details 

Where others (Miguel Gutiérrez, Latasa, Blanco…) chose to leave, he stayed and has now scored four goals in his quest to be promoted to the Madrid second team. The first, a chipped Vaseline after Peter’s death pass, reflected his class; the second a shot of nine with the right to Noel’s pass, his versatility. Before, Dotor had opened the scoring, taking advantage of the doubts in the Badajoz goalkeeper’s exits after a good cross from Martín. Zelu cut a penalty when the duel was dying, to minimally make up a marker that reflected the momentum that Raúl’s Castilla has achieved. The challenge now is the same that he failed to achieve in past seasons: that his boys keep up the pace to reach the end of the course in a position to fight for a promotion that the club longs for.