Football NewsArteta negotiated with Arsene Wenger to return to the club
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Mikel Arteta wants his former boss to attend the club again, and the couple have discussed a possible comeback.


What did Arteta say about Arsene Wenger?

The Gunners’ manager held talks with Wenger for a return to the club. Mikel Arteta has never concealed his desire to bring Arsene Wenger back to Arsenal in some capacity and recently installed a giant painting of the legendary Frenchman on the wall at the entrance to the club’s training ground. And the Gunners boss has now revealed that he had discussions with his former manager about a comeback for the first time since leaving in 2019.

When asked if Arsene Wenger made an official offer to return, Mikel Arteta said that well, they were in touch. Arteta saw him and talked to him when they went to see the movie and it was incredibly nice to chat with him and Mikel hopes they can bring him closer. According to Mikel Arteta, he thinks he would have a great time just by seeing the environment that Arsene Wenger can create around himself when he is around this place due to the respect, admiration and love that everyone in the club has for that he did as well as to what Arsene Wenger represents as a person in this club.


Arteta wants Wenger to be closer

The Arsenal manager was asked in what capacity he envisions Arsene’s return to the club, with the idea of ​​some kind of ambassador role. Mikel Arteta, however, would not reveal what he had in mind, but said that he thought it would be beneficial for him from time to time to have that 72-year-old. Arteta said that he cannot tell you now.

But what Arteta has to say is that he would like Arsene Wenger to be much closer to him personally, because Mikel thinks that would be a great help, it would be a great help for the club. Everything takes time, and Arteta thinks he should dictate those deadlines. According to Mikel Arteta what he can say from his side, and he thinks on behalf of everyone that they would be glad to have him much closer.