Football NewsMikel Arteta responded to the accusation of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
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Mikel Arteta also insisted that he was extremely grateful for the contribution of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to his team.


A little about the topic

The Arsenal manager responded to the Gabonese’s claim that it was his fault for leaving Arsenal, insisting he was the solution and not the problem. Pierre-Emerick’s contract at Arsenal was terminated by mutual agreement on 1 February, with the striker being expelled from Mikel’s after a disciplinary offense in early December. The player, who was also stripped of his captaincy at Emirates Stadium, subsequently signed with Barcelona on a free transfer and pointed the finger at Mikel for the abrupt end to the Gunners’ career.


What did Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang say?

Pressed whether a personal issue with Mikel Arteta led to his departure, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang told reporters at his opening of the Camp Nou that he thinks it was only with him and then he made this decision. according to Aubameyang, Arteta was not happy at all. Pierre-Emerick was calm.


What did Mikel Arteta say?

Mikel now turned to Pierre-Emerick’s comments, insisting that his actions were for the benefit of the Gunners, before expressing gratitude to the Gabonese international for their work at the club. Ahead of his PL side’s clash with the wolves on Thursday, Mikel Arteta told reporters that he is extremely grateful for what Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has done and for his contributions. The way Arteta sees herself in this relationship is the solution, not the problem. Pressed Pierre-Emerick to be the problem, the Spaniard replied that it was his opinion, that’s what he said, and they should respect that.


Currently the captain is Lacazette

The Spaniard was also asked if Lacazette would continue as captain until the end of the season after taking the armband from Pierre-Emerick. Arteta said that Alexandre is currently the captain. Mikel admits that the Gunners lost one of their main offensive threats at Pierre-Emerick, but he is confident that Co and Alexandre can make up for his absence. Mikel added that Pierre-Emerick’s trajectory at the club and the importance of his goals is indisputable. But they have other players and they believe they have other qualities in different ways to try and complete the amount of goals they need in a team. This is what they will try to do.