Football NewsAS Roma Severely Punish Brighton in Europa league Showdown
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AS Roma proved their dominance in an impressive 4-0 win over Brighton in Europa League, despite lower possession and pass accuracy

It was an evening of triumph for AS Roma, as they successfully trounced Brighton & Hove Albion 4-0 in their Europa League game which marked a memorable result for them. Despite a smaller number of touches and a lower pass completion rate, the Italian side demonstrated their sharper finishing as well as the soundness of their team tactics.

Even, as Roma’s Daniele De Rossi disclosed, the team had watched many of Brighton’s games in the English Premier League against tougher opponents such as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City. Therefore, they knew what they can expect. Nevertheless, De Rossi said that they could not predict a specific place of AS Roma in Serie A.

Class gap was clear from the very beginning when the Roma’s intelligent attacking play developed and the challenges became harder to face for Brighton. The task of the Italian coach was a hard one as he was to keep the Roma’s amazing trio of Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku in check.

Roma was able to score the first goal in the 13th minute with a fantastic shot by Dybala who threw in a powerful shot and left Brighton’s goal keeper in awe.

The defence of the home team didn’t stop either and in the 43rd minute they made their efforts count as Lukaku made it 2-0 with a sublime finish. Roma found Brighton’s defense off the guard, and Lukaku used that time to give Roma a nice advantage.

Roma was not satisfied with just a two-goal lead. They continued to push forward, and in the 64th minute and 68th minute, Mancini and Cristante respectively found the back of the net giving Roma an early victory.

Despite their relatively lower possession and pass accuracy, Roma put on a clinical display that left Brighton chasing shadows. De Zerbi’s side, on the other hand, failed to make the most of their limited chances and were ultimately outplayed by a superior Roma team.

With this victory, Roma solidifies their position as favorites to advance to the next round of the Europa League. Meanwhile, Brighton will need to regroup quickly and work on improving their performance in order to make a mark in Serie A.