Football NewsAsensio and Vinicius want to wear N11 jersey of Bale
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As you may know, Gareth Bale is very close to signing a contract with Tottenham. The London based team is ready to pay the footballer’s salary while Real Madrid has to pay additional bonuses. So, the N11 jersey of Los Blancos will be free. Who can wear it this season?


Asensio and Vinicius both want N11 jersey

Let’s start with Vinicius as he had a complete season. Brazilian youngster played the whole season and he was on top of the performance. Along with Rodrygo, Vinicius was the main attacker of the team. Eden Hazard was injured half of the season, so Zidane trusted Junior a lot. Brazilian youngster is very active on social networks and he is posting pictures and images of him training hard. As we see from his Instagram news feed, the player is ready to dominate in La Liga and the Champions League. Fans believe that Junior did not take a vacation as he was working hard every day. Vinicius believes that iconic N11 jersey will be his and it’s just a matter of time.

Spanish attacker, Asensio was absent almost the whole season. He got the achilles injury in summer of 2019 against Arsenal. It was a friendly match in the United States and the player could not finish the match. “Covid break” was a good sign for Asensio as he returned fit in the second half of the season. As you may know, Real Madrid resumed La Liga season in the middle of June. Asensio was already fit and he could play for the team. Keep in mind that players could score few goals during the second half of the season and helped Real Madrid to lift the La Liga trophy. 

Fans believe that Zidane will be the main person who has a last word on choosing the player. The N11 jersey is the one of the most iconic and the coach has to decide who can wear it.