Football NewsAtalanta-Valencia: Match that turned out to be a biological bomb for Italy
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Italy believe that one of the reasons for the outbreak of new coronavirus infection in the country is the first match of the Champions League ⅛ final, in which Bergamo’s Atalanta hosted Valencia.


The match, which ended in a 4: 1 victory for Atalanta, was held on February 19 at the San Siro in Milan. Up to 40,000 Bergamo fans attended the game

“Thousands of Bergamo people went to Milan by bus, car, and train. Unfortunately, it was a real biological bomb,” said Fabiano Di Marco, head of the Bergamo Hospital’s Polymology Unit. Many Italian doctors later shared his opinion.

“It’s been a month since that match. Together with thousands of people who were centimeters away from actively expressing emotions. So, it is quite possible that the coronavirus could have spread,” said immunologist Francesco Le Fosse.


Bergamo Mayor: “There was a lot of contacts”


Bergamo Mayor Giorgio Gori also partially shares the position.

“This match turned out to be a biological bomb. Then we didn’t know what was going on. Many groups watched the game, there was a lot of contacts. Of course, this match could not have been all that happened because the real site of the outbreak of the infection is Alzano-Lombardo Hospital, where A patient with uncertain pneumonia transmitted the disease to other patients, doctors and nurses,” says Bergamo Mayor.

It is noteworthy that the first case of coronavirus infection in the Bergamo club has just been reported. Atalanta goalkeeper Marco Sportello revealed the virus. The 27-year-old goalkeeper was guarding the door during the match against Valencia.