Football NewsAtletico Madrid Insists they ‘would not tolerate’ the Acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo.
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The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Atletico Madrid currently appears to be a remote prospect, but the club’s supporters have released a statement categorically opposing the idea, just in case.

The Atletico fan organization Union Internacional de Penas del Atletico de Madrid, which serves as an umbrella organization for many of the club’s many supporters’ organisations, has published a statement stating that the Manchester United forward is not welcome at their club.

‘Given the likelihood that the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo is more than simply a rumour, we express our unequivocal rejection of any conceivable merger into our club,’ stated the statement posted on their website and shared on social media.

The aforementioned player is the polar opposite of the characteristics that define our Atleti, such as work, charity, simplicity, and humility.

‘Even if a player in decline, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, could win a title, we would not accept his signing.’

‘Unfortunately, a sense of belonging to our Atletico is not something he can achieve, thus he will never win our affection or appreciation.’ As a result, we request that the club reject his potential signing, if it was ever considered.’

On Tuesday night, Atletico president Enrique Cerezo said that the concept had never been explored and that he had no idea where it came from.

This contradicts his statement last week that he had not ruled out the option. Ronaldo’s agency is said to have approached the club, and Atletico’s answer was to state that the player would be considered if either Antoine Griezmann or Alvaro Morata could be moved.

However, such has been the anger of Atletico supporters to the suggestion that the club has openly distanced itself from any interest in Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer.

Even if the club had been able to persuade supporters, the transfer would have been financially impossible due to the need to sell Griezmann or Morata first.

Griezmann will cost Atletico Madrid 33 million euros next season due to his 20 million wages and the club’s obligation to acquire him from Barcelona for 40 million euros at the end of the season if he plays a set amount of games.

They will have to incorporate a third of that sum (13 million) in their La Liga finances next year.

If Griezmann leaves, the club will be 33 million euros less and will be unable to sign Ronaldo. However, finding a suitable replacement for Griezmann or Morata was proving difficult.

Atletico Madrid lost money last season after failing to sell players before the end of the season.

The club was roughly 40 million euros over its squad spending maximum when German Berterame was transferred from Atletico de San Luis to Monterrey in Mexico.

Atletico Madrid owns half of Atletico de San Luis, so the purchase netted them 8 million euros, reducing their losses to 32 million euros.

They’ve also been able to boost earnings thanks to a new sponsor, the real estate firm Civitas, which will put their name on the Metropolitano Stadium for the next ten years. Furthermore, by negotiating a better contract with Nike.

As a result, they can trade freely and are not required, as Barcelona was, to spend only a quarter or a third of the money that comes in.

But they still had to sell a lot in order to buy. And fan reaction to the potential signing of Ronaldo has significantly reduced their resolve to attempting to do so.