Football NewsBale’s Agent – Gareth wants to play for Tottenham, we may close deal soon
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Gareth Bale left the streets of London back in 2014. He was the favorite player of Tottenham’s fans but Gareth decided to continue with Real MAdrid. As it seems the cards have changed and now the Welshman is ready to join Tottenham again.


Gareth’s agent confirms the transfer

Bale said that transfer is ready and the player wants to continue his career in London. Gareth Bale started his official career in London under Harry Rednap. The agent noted that Bale loves Spurs very much and now Real Madrid has to make a final decision. Jonathan Barnett is against the loan in general and he talked about the nature of loan in many interviews. The america-based agent mentioned a few times that loan is never a way out for good intentions. As it seems Gareth is fed up with managerial decisions and wants to prove haters wrong again.  Zinedine Zidane noted a few minutes during the pre-season that Bale is not in good condition and the player’s future depends on the Welshman fully. Real Madrid tried to sell Bale before but no one wants to pay a huge salary for a player, especially during the world economic recession.

Jose wants Bale in London

Tottenham started the Premier League with a home-defeat. After the match, Jose was angry at the players and said that the team could not deliver a good performance. Fans are waiting for changes and Gareth Bale could be someone who can change the course of the season. Right now Tottenham’s season is not looking bright as the team already lost home-match and it was against the Premier League average team – Everton. Gareth Bale will be a new blood for Tottenham and local players may get another motivation for this season. 

Currently the ball is on the side of Tottenham. The London team has to pay Bale’s salary and Real Madrid’s management is happy to pay the wages. Experts believe that Real Madrid may ask for another player to be mentioned in the deal and this player could be brazilian forward Lucas.