Football NewsBarcelona Fans In Disbelief When the Unfamiliar Europa League Song Plays at the Nou Camp Ahead of their match against Napoli.
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Fans on social media criticized Barcelona as the unfamiliar Europa League hymn played at the Nou Camp prior of their match against Napoli.

Barcelona has been relegated to the Europa League after failing to go past the group stages of the Champions League in December, with Bayern Munich and Benfica advancing to the knockout stages.

As a result, the Spanish club played Napoli in their first knockout fixture on Thursday night in Europe’s second-tier club competition for the first time since 2004.

After 18 years of Champions League football, it was surprising to witness Barcelona, who were once considered the best team in the world, line up for the Europa League anthem in Catalonia.

When the song ended, supporters took to social media to express their disbelief at how far Barcelona had gone in recent years, with one even remarking that celebrated defender Gerard Pique appeared to be ‘dying inside.’

‘Tears Europa League anthem at large camp Nou (laughing emojis) it just looks weird guy,’ one person said.

‘Loooool still can’t believe Barcelona was one of the top teams in Europe 10 years ago and now they’re playing in a Europa League fixture in Nou Camp,’ added another.

‘That Europa League anthem is so s**t, I know Piquè is dying inside,’ said a third.


‘Hearing the Europa League anthem at the Nou Camp is so strange,’ said a fifth.

‘Watching Ferran Torres stand for the Europa League anthem when he could have been playing in the UCL quarter finals,’ wrote another.

‘Bro, we just witnessed the Europa League anthem in Camp Nou,’ said one surprised fan.