Football News“Barcelona is the club of my dreams since I was little”
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The Frenchman admits that “the first three years were difficult for me” and says that he wants to “win the Champions League” with Barcelona at the time of his contract extension. Laporta, euphoric, praises him: “he has a sui generis talent…”

The situation 

The least expected photo, with Joan Laporta, Mateu Alemany, Jordi Cruyff, Ousmane Dembélé and Moussa Sissoko (the Frenchman’s agent) took place this Thursday at noon at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí. The French follow until 2024 and everyone congratulates each other despite the noise that has surrounded the negotiation. Dembele, who received his membership card from Laporta, answered some questions from the official media on the spot. “It has been long, but now everyone is happy. It’s a very happy day because Barça has been the club of my dreams since I was little and I’m looking forward to the start of the season to help. Winning the Champions League is a dream for me and I’m going to give everything to achieve it. In the club there are many people who have helped me a lot. The first three years were very difficult for me, but now I have the confidence of everyone and I am much better. Hopefully it will be a great year for me.” Laporta was also affectionate with Dembélé. “ I have admiration for Dembélé’s quality as a player and as a person . Today is a very important day for Barça. I want to thank him, especially, that he has always wanted to stay and has made an effort to enter the new salary structure due to the circumstances. He has a sui generis, extraordinary, incomparable talent .

The details

The coach has loved you from the start and he knows how to bring out all the talent you have. You can still give more. This is an important year, we have to fight to win titles now. It is a very emotional day. The coach loves you, but the club also”.