English Premier LeagueBarcelona makes final move for Aguero’s transfer
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The prolific Argentine frontman is set to become a free agent this summer and has seen a move to Catalunya for a while now.


Good signing for Barca

Aguero would be a great signing for Barcelona, ​​says Rivaldo, with the Blaugrana icon hoping to see another Argentine striker in line with Lionel Messi next season. All the while, Man City’s top scorer is about to plunge into the free agent pool, with the Premier League legend preparing to take on a new challenge at the age of 32. The move to Camp Nou has been discussed for some time, and Rivaldo, who has spoken in the past about the impact of the deal for Sergio Aguero on Lionel Messi’s new deal, hopes to see Barça negotiate the deal.


Aguero was great

According to Rivaldo, rumors tell him that Barcelona is in talks with Sergio Aguero to sign him when he leaves Manchester City at the end of the season. Sergio has been great at City and, at 32, is confident that he will be ready to compete with Barcelona. Rivaldo also said that Aguero still has a lot of football and would be a great signing for Barcelona, ​​especially at a time when the club is having some financial


Sergio has to fight for the spot in Barca

The seasoned South American is aware of the speculation he engenders, with the inevitable gossip following the revelation that he is severing ties with the City. Sergio had heard all about the conversation with Barcelona, ​​but so far sought to win it back as no decision had been made about his next move. Sergio Aguero said they all write Barca, Barca and Barca and Let’s hold on a little and watch. Stop. According to Sergio they are still with City.