Football NewsBarcelona struggled against Bilbao and Messi is not there to help
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Barcelona struggled a lot against Athletic Bilbao. Barca was playing away and it was the first two points loss in La liga this season.


Messi is not there

Ronald Koeman was not happy with the game and it was visible on his face. During the post-match interview, Ronald said that Messi’s absence is the worst. The coach noted that Lionel Messi was the top player of the team, he is top in the whole world. Koeman said that building Barcelona after Messi departure won’t be easy. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day and not even in one year. Koeman has full trust in the squad and has a belief from Barcelona’s management. Passing to Messi was the only option back in the days. Koeman said that Barcelona players are trying to learn playing without Lionel Messi. It’s very important to play with each other and not look for Messi on the pitch anymore.


Two goals in second half

Fans saw two goals in the second half. Athletic Bilbao was very good in the first half. Team was dominating and playing really good attacking football. Bilbao’s coach was satisfied with the first half and it seems that he had a really rough talk with the team in the dressing room. Everything changed in the second half. Bilbao scored soon after starting the second half. Inigo Martinez scored a goal and let the team take the lead. Inaki Williams was very fast and active on the wing. Barca’s defenders could not stop him and his attacks. Soon, the Athletic Bilbao striker saw his brother play along with him. William’s little brother (19 years old) came on the pitch and it was also another lesson for the Barca defenders. Barca could equalize thanks to Memphis Depay. Dutch player scored a beautiful goal and it was visible on his face.