Football NewsBarça are thinking about Coutinho/Kante’s Swap Deal
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Due to the crisis brought by Coronavirus, it is becoming more and more realistic that in the coming transfer period, much more Barter will be made than has been so far.


Barça still carried out Barter this season, when they exchanged Cillessen for Neto.

Barcelona have a valuable player who does not want to return to the club. At the same time, wants to return to the Premier League. This player is Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho had a hard time with Valverde at first. Then he transferred to “Bayern,” but he could not settle there either. It is obvious that the Brazilian has lost his self-confidence, and when such a thing happens, usually the stars will not be able to return to the desired shape.

His ransom for Bayern is 120 million.  Germans will not pay that fee. On the other hand, for the Premier League clubs, 80 million euros are named as a ransom.


PL clubs hope Coutinho will play at the same level as he did in Liverpool.


The English remember Philippe Coutinho as a Liverpool player and hope that he will play at the same level. That is why he does not lack the teams willing him, including Tottenham, Leicester, Manchester United and, of course, Chelsea.

Barça will try to use the situation to their advantage. Although they have Sergio Busquets in the starting line-up and in this position, Frank de Jong can play without any problems. But N’Golo Kante is the best player who can be involved in the swap deal for Coutinho. Given that “Inter” is not going to include Philippe Coutinho, in the transfer of Lautaro and neither the Brazilian himself wants to be transferred to Milan or Paris.

If the world champion cannot be transferred, “Barca” will consider Tanguy Ndombele as an alternative option.