Football NewsBarcelona will pay one million for every 10 games of Pablo Torre
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Racing tied Pablo Torre’s transfer fee of 14 million in variables depending on the games he plays for Barcelona and one more if he makes his debut for the National Team.

The situation

For the first time in its history, Racing issued an official note on March 4 announcing the figures for the transfer of Pablo Torre to Fútbol Club Barcelona: “The operation starts with a fixed amount of five million euros, it can exceed 20 depending of other variables linked to the individual development of the player’s career trained at the Nando Yosu Facilities”. Today, the number of games that Pablo plays as a starter for Barcelona in the coming seasons and whether, during the duration of the contract, he makes his debut with the absolute Spanish team.Specifically, the club chaired by Joan Laporta has agreed to pay an additional million euros for every 10 official matches in which Soto de la Marina plays more than 45 minutes in the Blaugrana shirt. Given how unusual it is that a substitution occurs during the first half (except for injury, expulsion or major anger of a coach), in practice this clause comes to require the ownership of Pablo to compute the match for the purpose of the bonus to Racing. The limit is set at 14 million euros, so from the Cantabrian’s 141st ownership, Barcelona would no longer have to continue paying.


The contract between both clubs specifies that the ‘official’ matches that count are only those of LaLiga, the Copa del Rey, the Champions League and, also, those of the Europa League. It must be remembered that this agreement was closed on March 4 and that Barça was fourth at that time, tied for fifth, and could jeopardize its participation in the Champions League for next season. In fact, they had just eliminated Napoli in the second European competition. Prevention is better than cure, Alfredo Perez, president of Racing, must have thought when signing the contract. Finally, the Blaugrana club will also have to make a transfer to El Sardinero of one million euros in the event that Torre makes his debut with the senior Spanish team. Until now, Pablo has played with the Sub-19, in which he has been the undisputed starter for Santi Denía. Unfortunately, the team led by the racinguista and the Athletic player Nico Serrano has not been able to qualify to play the category’s European Championship next summer in Slovakia.